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‘Zelda’ the nature-loving artist

Zelda’s artistic flair and talent combined with her special powers of empathy enable her to communicate with nature as she collects stones, flower petals and berries, which she turns into works of art that she sometimes gives to her friends as gifts. A nature lover and artist, Zelda enjoys collecting beautiful materials from nature and turning them into lovely handicrafts. She roams the plains and seashore picking seashells, pebbles, twigs and petals, as well as curious objects, and uses them to create works of art that she likes to give away. At times, she goes off to spend time alone, lost in her thoughts and searching for inspiration.

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‘Atelier House’ where Zelda lives

Zelda’s house is near the oreums in the wide open plains of Jeju Island. Surrounded by the grass and wildflowers of the plains and shaped like an oreum, it is beautifully decorated with windows made of multi-colored glass and houses an atelier and gallery.

Zelda is the ‘Eurasian Skylark’.

The Eurasian Skylark is famed for its melodious singing as it soars into the sky. It lives in open plains and farmlands, and raises its crest when it senses danger. In recent years, the increased use of chemicals in agriculture has caused the skylarks to shrink in number, which has in turn led to their classification as LC (Least Concern) on the IUCN Red List.

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