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Kasker the trusty champion of justice

The strongest of the five birdy friends, Kasker is a dependable fellow who’s always the first to stand up for justice. He is also a gourmet willing to go anywhere in search of good food.

Although Kasker is big and strong, he’s shy and timid, usually spending his time drinking tea and developing his recipes. He has all sorts of information on finding good food and ingredients. He sometimes flexes his muscles to help his friends in trouble, only to end up flustering them by making a bigger mess.

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‘Ocean Terrace House’ where Kasker lives

Kasker’s house is nestled in a crevice in the cliffs along the shores of Jeju Island. It is exposed to the harsh elements, what with the strong winds and huge waves always at its doorstep, but the ocean view seen from the wide terrace is magnificent, and it is quite comfortable inside thanks to the cozy sofa and spacious kitchen and pantry brimming with delicious food.

Kasker is the ‘Peregrine Falcon’.

The Peregrine Falcon is a large bird with sharp claws and far better eyesight than humans. It flies faster than any other bird, boasting an instantaneous speed of 200 to 300 km per hour. As a rare resident bird in Korea, it has been classified as Natural Monument number 323-7 and Endangered Wildlife Class I, and has LC(Least Concern) status on the IUCN Red List.

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