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Pitta the nature and adventure lover

Pitta loves going on adventures and making new friends. And when he finds someone in trouble, he often takes the lead to save the day.

Pitta, who likes to travel and is very sociable, has an outgoing personality. He enjoys making various communities with friends of animals, plants, and insects and talking with them.

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‘Gotjawal House’ where Pitta lives

Pitta’s house is in a gotjawal deep in the lush forest of Jeju. He built it in the shape of a Jeju tangerine, perched on the leafy branch of a tree. The interior is decorated with knick knacks he collected on his travels, and features a huge slide and a secret passage, making the tree house a perfect place for games and exploration. There’s also a guest room for Pitta’s forest friends.

Pitta is the ‘Fairy Pitta’.

The Fairy Pitta is a beautiful bird with feathers of more than eight different colors. A rare summer bird species, it is usually spotted in the humid and dense foliage of valleys and gotjawals hidden from human view. The fairy pitta is protected as Natural Monument number 204 and Endangered Wildlife Class II in Korea, and also has VU (Vulnerable) status on the IUCN Red List.

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