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Woody the dexterous inventor

Woody is a white-backed woodpecker that is the symbolic bird of Jeju. He likes to take things apart and reassemble them to create something new and different, and excels at thinking three-dimensionally. A quiet and dependable sort, Woody enjoys repairing broken things or collecting things others throw out to produce new inventions. Meticulous and tenacious, he is known to stay holed up at home for days on end once he gets immersed in one of his invention projects.

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‘Forest Lab House’ where Woody lives

Woody’s house is in a forest thick with cedar and cypress trees. It houses a huge storeroom of materials for his inventions as well as a laboratory. It may look quite ordinary on the outside, but is brimming with inventions hidden everywhere on the inside.

Woody is the ‘White-backed Woodpecker’.

The White-backed Woodpecker makes its nest by hollowing out a tree trunk. Armed with a strong beak and long tongue, it feeds on insects inside the wood of trees, thus helping to keep trees free of pests. Found only in the mid-mountain forests, gotjawals, and protected areas on Mt. Halla, the white-backed woodpecker is the bird symbolizing Jeju Island and has LC(Least Concern) status on the IUCN Red List.

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