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White the walking encyclopedia

White is an avid reader who has been dubbed a walking encyclopedia by his friends. He’s always the first to provide his friends with new information and knowledge.

White never leaves home without his beloved books, and always has the answers to things his friends want to know. A sunny spot is all he needs to bury his beak in a book and lose himself in daydreams. Although he’s the smallest and most timid of the five birdy friends, White comes up with the best solutions to the problems they encounter. He also radios the latest information to his friends from his home.

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‘Camellia House House’ where White lives

White’s house is in a colony of blooming red camellia trees. Shaped like a mushroom, the house is a self-powered scientific research station, boasting a telescope for star gazing and antennas for transmitting and receiving information about the forest. It also acts as a news station that provides the latest information to White’s friends. Inside the house is a library that has all the information of the world at White’s disposal, and a monitor that allows him to keep an eye on every corner of the forest.

White is the ‘Japanese White-eye’.

The Japanese White-eye is characterized by the ring of white around its eyes. It is called ‘dongbaksaengyi’ in the Jeju dialect, and is the bird that symbolizes the city of Seogwipo. A lover of honey, it is usually sighted amidst flowers during the blooming season. In the winter, it is the Japanese White-eye that helps camellias fertilize and bear fruit as it feeds on the honey of this flower. It has LC (Least Concern) status on the IUCN Red List.

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